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GL Hello World

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In the last post we created an SDL2 window, now we are going to create some pretty colors on the window using GL.

static struct change_color {
        /* colors and rate of change */
        float r, dr;
        float g, dg;
        float b, db;
} demo = {0};

static int 
        demo.r = 1.f; demo.dr = 0.004f;
        demo.g = 0.5f; demo.dg = 0.008f;
        demo.b = 1.f; demo.db = 0.016f;

        return 1;

static int 
        demo.r += demo.dr;
        demo.g += demo.dg;
        demo.b += demo.db;

        /* use trig functions to flip from 0 to 1 */
        float r = (float)cos(demo.r);
        float g = (float)sin(demo.g);
        float b = (float)cos(demo.b);

        r = (r / 0.5f) + 1.f;
        g = (g / 0.5f) + 1.f;
        b = (b / 0.5f) + 1.f;

        glClearColor(r, g, b, 1);
        return 1;

static int
demo_resize(int width, int height) {
        glViewport(0, 0, width, height);
        return 1;

This is about as simple a GL app as you can get. All we are doing is clearing the backbuffer with different colors. We cycle through the RGB channels at different rates.

The code can be found on my github, It only supports macOS and Emscripten right now. You’ll have to edit the main.c file to include color_change.c


You should see something like this.